Tuesday, June 10, 2008

..AIIAS y0utH LeaDeRs & fRiEnDs Baguio TriP..

On May 30 - June 1 some of the AIIAS Youth Leaders, together with some friends, went for a retreat to Baguio City. We left at midnight May 29.. Maybe even considerably early morning of May 30 boarded on Victory Liner. Around 7 hours later, we reach the Victory Liner bus station in Baguio City.

Our main agenda? Go to SM Baguio! No kidding!! We spent a lot of time in SM. Haha. On friday, we spent some time in the arcade. That's right!! The ARCADE!! haha.. and then some videoke.. which was great fun!! Well, we did go around a little. Boating in Burnham, and walking around Session Road other than that? Not much.

Next agenda? Eat!! This was major!!! Mama Oyette kept our stomachs filled!! She cooked most of our meals including the overflowing bowl of curry!! Yah!! Lasted for 3 meals. haha. We had so much food that we had some left to give to the guards of the condo.

Speaking of Condo. We (thanks to Michael), got to stay in the Europa Condominium in Mines View Park. it was such a spacious place. We were supposed to stay down at the mission but after checking out the condo we decided to move in. Below are the shots taken during the "scouting". You see, there were four of us who went to scout while the others went to SM to buy the groceries. This was Friday.

Our Top Priority Agenda, though, happened on Sabbath. Waking up at around 8:30AM, eating, taking a bath, and everything else, we started our own worship service right in the condo at around 11AM. We started off with songs and was introduced to new type of worship.. forgot what it's called. We just had the Spirit come in and when one felt like singing a song, he sings, when one feels like praying, he prays, when one feels like sharing a testimony, he shares. This went on for some time. Sharing, singing, praying.

Then, we had a little activity that I felt fused our bond to each other. We shared with each person, what we remember about them, what we will miss about them. We also shared what our dreams were. It was such a blessed time we had. Our program ended at 3PM. So you could imagine.. we were hungry!!! So we had lunch.. at 3PM!! Hehe..

The rest of the weekend didn't quite happen as planned. We got out at sunset, so we weren't able to see the view of Mines View Park. We decided to go on to SM (again) and do some stuff. But since we weren't able to do much, we just decided to buy a movie and speakers and go back to the condo and watch. When we got back, though, everyone was pretty much sleepy and went to bed while Aimee and Oyette stayed up and watched.

Sunday morning, I started off with a run around Baguio. I went from Mines View, down to Burnham Park then back up. It was around 10km. We were cramming in the morning since we had to be on our way back to Manila right after lunch and everyone woke up late! So while others went around shopping for souvenirs, Obed, Mike, and I went to the bus station to book our tickets.

Well, after all the time we spent in Baguio, I think I can say that we have created a strong bond between all of us. Distance will not matter anymore.

May God always bless you -- Michael, Aimee, Hiro, Betty, and specially Oyette and Obed. And also those who weren't able to make it with us. We missed you guys -- Pastor Jonel, Ate Gay, Kuya Ken, Ate Janice, and Abishek.

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