Monday, July 26, 2010

iT's a sHoeLace-tYing CoNtesT!

Just this morning I overheard two neighborhood kids talking.
The first asked, "Do you know how to tie your shoelace?"
"Yes", answered the second kid.
"How fast could you tie your shoes? C'mon lets race! I'll race you in tying your shoelace!"

Believe it or not, the conversation stuck in my mind and I kept thinking about it that it made me break the silence in my blog to write about it!


I always thought it felt intrusive when others try to question the things I do everyday that I think I do quite well such as tying my shoelaces. Like, C'mon! I do it everyday that I don't even think about it!
Have you ever thought of the details of tying your shoes? Could you write the directions down without  retying your shoes and taking down every loop or the lace?

Which arm goes into a sleeve first when you wear a shirt?
Do you think of which sock you wear first?
What shoe you put on first?

Such details don't need thinking about.  It's what makes life simpler and happier.! Think of the amount of stress you'll get when you have to analyze these things!

True.  Life's greatest joys are found in the simpler things. Life is full of no-need-to-think-about Shoelace-tying Contests that bring you joy although you haven't really thought of why.

So, are you confident with your shoelace-tying skills?

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