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This is in reply to the post of Francis in his blog "Purpose and Reason"

I suggest you read the above. It is an eye opener.

"Man's ultimate goal is to find purpose and reason. Without them, man would cease to exist." -Franz

I have no argument against this. These two things are what motivates a person to continue to exist. If you have no purpose, no reason, you are nothing.

There is another side to the equation though. A person's existence doesn't only rely on having a purpose and reason for himself. It also relies on another "existence", having a purpose and reason for that person.

Let me make the above more personal. Your existence doesn't only rely on you having or looking for your purpose and/or reason. It also relies on what purpose and/or reason others have for you.

An existence can be compared to the flame of a candle. The wick the flame engulfs could represent your inner desire, your purpose and reason for yourself. But it isn't only the wick that causes the flame to burn. There is also oxygen -- an external force that the flame feeds on. This could represent other's desire for you to exist. Without one, the flame dies out - it seizes to exist.

A person isn't an "existence" because of physically being there. A person is an "existence" because he leaves traces of himself on other "existences." Because he leaves memories and thoughts. The more memories you generate and leave to more "existences", the more you exist.

"God is love. We search for a higher purpose because we love." -Franz

We exist because of Love. Because we love and because we are loved. Our inner desire is to leave more memories in others. We want to be significant. Our external force is how significant we are to others. It is a cycle. We seek to to be significant so we could be significant to others.

Once our memories disappear from others, we simply seize to exist. What is the use of living when there are no existences that reinforces, that proves our existence.?

We live because we love and because we are loved. Because others love us and because God loves us. In the same way, others exist because they are loved and because God loves them.

Here's a simple rule: If you want to exist, help others exist.

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