Tuesday, April 22, 2008

-- The Starting Line --

Just this month (a few weeks ago actually), I was introduced into running.

Jerry Karundeng is responsible for this. Somehow he got me interested in this sport. Since I've been doing some laps once in a while for endurance training for parkour, I decided to do it more seriously.. I've been caught in this running thing. I was aware of Jerry and Mac's runs for sometime now but it was only after I had a talk with Jerry that I was caught.

Thanks to Jerry, I may be running my first race on May 25 -- the Adidas-Air Immune Blast Race Series 10k. My plan was to join a 15k on June, but ya.. Jerry again.. :P hehe.. Yah, so you could call that peer pressure.. haha.. I've fallen prey to this cruel reality!!

Running is one of the elements I see necessary to improve. This is my goal -- To improve myself in this aspect. So far, the fastest mile I did was done in 7minutes & 44seconds.. This is done in one run, one lap. But I'm afraid I couldn't run that fast in a long run. So I seek to improve that too.. There is alot to train for.

Mr. Jerry Karundeng, thanks for introducing me to running.


Christabelle Adeline said...

hahaha great to hear you guys are doing something normal now. atleast you're running and doing badminton again. phew! still jumping off roofs? hahhaha!

hey are you seriously coming?? if you are, man i wanna go backpacking too! i've been wanting to go, but never started. me and my friends are planning to tho, this coming june or sumtin. but again, its still plan. well yeah, so can i go? haha. unless you think i might slow you guys down, then never mind. hahaha. but seriously, can i join? if ever you guys come? hehe.
i miss ya'll like crazy!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha...run run run!!!!!

aLdZ said...

yah.. i think you can come.. dunno.. uncle edwin's plans.. so yah.. it's one year from now, so a lot of saving.. you have time to train!! haha.. i think the plan is 'low-budget tourism' haha..

you should run too!! :P