Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mt. Talamitam

There is just something about mountaineering -- I just can't get enough. On April 25-26, 2008, we decided to climb another mountain. Mount Talamitam is in Nasugbu, Batangas, near Mt. Batulao. At 630+ MASL, is doesn't seem that difficult. But right at the jump off, the was just going up.

Wrong again

Getting down from the bus, we found out we got down at the wrong place so we walked around half a kilometer before we got to a landmark. We were surprised to see an announcement though that Sir Nick wasn't incharge of the mountain anymore. We didn't know if we were still allowed to climb, but we just went on anyway.

Mount Talamitam has been always under the care of Sir Nick but seems like it's different this time. The barangay people removed this previlege from him and took it to themselves. In the future, Talamitam will be a troublesome mountain to climb due to the new rules that are going to be implemented. A permit has to be secured from both the Municipality of Nasugbu and the Barangay. The municipal hall of Nasugbu is still a way off from the mountain. Another down side is that the registration fee is not so realistic. 25 pesos per person!! That's more expensive than the registration for Mt. Batulao and Batulao is far more worth it. This is INSANE!!

Still in Bad luck
I know I wrote the last two posts in the same night but I still didn't have my cam during this climb. I went to get it fixed. We climbed Talamitam without any camera but those on our cellphones. Hope you enjoy it though. We did try our best! :P

Pix by RJ Almocera & myself

Rat's Trap
We encountered a rat at the peak. It chewed on Ed's slippers. But worse.. IT CHEWED THROUGH MY TENT!! That's right, Ed's bread was stuck as the wall of the tent and the rat wanted the bread so he chewed through the tent.

Now I need to get a new tent!! A good thing AND a bad thing.. coz i don't want a rat chewing on my tent again!!

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