Monday, August 11, 2008

Building for the Full Marathon Stage 1: Distance

Ok. So I'm going to turn 23 on September and I want to accomplish something major while I'm 22. Since I started running in April this year, I've run in 4 events. Not such a big number in my opinion. So far, the farthest distance event I've joined was the 21km Gintong Pangarap which I was glad to finish. I had a terrible time training for this event mentally. During training, I felt the need to see if I could run that distance and went for a run which I didn't and couldn't finish at that time. That was a big disappointment and I was mentally challenged on race day. Thank God I was able to finish that one.

My Goal
My goal this time is to complete a Full Marathon before I turn 23. This is my personal goal. And not just that -- I plan to finish it in less than 4 hours -- which is (I know) quite ambitious. Having a month to go, I've started on my training regime. On Sunday, I went on a long run starting with the Ibanrunner (Mac).

The Beginning
Starting in front of the AIIAS Annex (Mac's apartment) and running down to Silang Bayan to a back road up to Tagaytay, I was on my journey to accomplishing a goal carrying only a hydration pack with around 500ml of water. I made sure I didn't bring cash to make sure I'd finish my task -- this is my discipline (hehe).

At the back road, with the Ibanrunner, we jogged, run, walked. Mixing it up made it quite challenging specially the transition from walking to running. Getting back to running from walking seems to drain the energy out of you. We would sprint up hills for speed training. Reaching the exit of the back road at Tagaytay, sir Mac and I split up. He went to Talisay and I continued my journey heading towards Olivarez Plaza for the next half -- the trip back home (because I didn't bring cash). From the Rotonda, I made my way back down to Silang Bayan.

The Return Trip
By this time, I was getting exhausted and I was starting to feel my legs. The sun was already up and beating on me. Although I usually run opposite the traffic, this time, I ran with the traffic since this was the side were the shadows were. I mind also started bugging me. I was starting to think of ways of making it home by catching a ride.. BUT I DIDN'T HAVE CASH!!! What motivation to keep going -- knowing that there is and there will be no other way of getting home but run. Oh.. I did bring a cellphone and I could have called someone to come get me.. But.. It had NO LOAD!! Haha.. Extra "Motivation".

I had alot of walks on this session. The excellent teamwork of the sun and the exhaust of passing vehicles made it more challenging. Pushing myself now and again to keep running and taking sips from my bladder, I wouldn't give up (well, I couldn't since I didn't bring cash). Getting close to AIIAS I was glad I had made it. It was already around 25km that I've run and 1 - 2 kilometers more and I'll be home. Since I made it to AIIAS already, I decided to continue on to home base. Passing were sir Mac and me started, my clock (cellphone) registered 2hours and 33minutes -- the longest I've run so far. I finished my journey in 2hours 40minutes and 27seconds approximately 27 kilometers total. That would make my pace around 6 minutes per kilometer.

I'm happy I made it home. Yes, my legs are sore but that's part of it. I've trained before where my whole body ended up sore so I'm pretty used to the soreness. My goal of a sub 4 marathon is still far away but I'm working on it. This is Stage One.


Anonymous said...

Aldz, if you're going to be doing a marathon in September, which one are you going to run?

Your recent run is definitely a step forward. Don't worry about the time as that is an asset for you. If I can make a suggestion, make your next long run a 33-34 km. If possible, do it no more than three weeks before. If it's the Subic Marathon in early September, the long run should be this coming weekend.

Take care and stay healthy!

aLdZ said...

hey sfrunner, thanks for the advice. I'll take your suggestion and go for the 33,34 or 35km run this weekend. I hope I can make it though. :)

It's the Subic Marathon I'm looking at.

MiDniGhT_DoLpHiN14 said...

Oh wow! Go aldz!!:D I'll be a cheerleader! there's no way I could do the running myself but good for you! :D

aLdZ said...

thanks for the cheers ingrid. :)

Anonymous said...

Aldz... man! I like your way of motivation. No CASH! No LOAD!.. hahaha... for me, I can't help without bringing any cash. The beginning is difficult. The mind becomes the body's enemy quickly. But after your 1st full marathon, the mind becomes the friend of your body.,...

keep it up. THere's no 42K in Subic. I saw the web and its only 10K. Im disappointed!. Any way, Im 80% fit due to knee injury after my 25K run last wednesday, and I'll be doing easy runs in aiias for these few days.

See you around... and lets run together again next sun. Aug.24. Lets go for 30K.

Anonymous said...

aldz and may want to contact the organizers. I did see the entry form and it showed 5K and 10K. However, the phils website still shows it as a 42K. Definitely, there could be some confusion. Take care guys and have a good weekend!

aLdZ said...

oh.. that's quite disappointing.. thanks for the info. I'll try to look into that. Or if not, I'll just run 42k distance on that time. hehe..