Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Photo: Running to Shopping
taken by HighAltitude

Last week, Monday, August 18, 2008 -- a day that didn't turned out as planned.  We had actually planned this day several weeks before.  Here was the plan and how it evolved:

Plan 1.  Two-hits: Batulao & Talamitam with a 10km run in between.
Plan 2.  Bike to Evercrest + Plan 1.
Plan 3.  Plan 2 but trail run the two-hits.

We were on Plan 3 until RJ's bike couldn't be used and Ed decided not to come due to lack of budget.  So at 0530 Monday morning, Sir Jerry, RJ and me were waiting for a bus to Nasugbu.  We were all set.  Oh.. we had a variation to the plan - we would hit Talamitam first.  We waited for a really long time for a bus boarding one at 0600.  The good thing was that it was foggy and cool so we didn't really mind the time.

So, we were on a 1 - 1 1/2 hour ride to Brgy. Bayabasan.  You could make out the time.  We got off the bus.  It was still really cool and we started on our way.  We stopped at the supposed registration area for the climb.  Calling out, no one seemed to be home so we decided to just check back when we get down.

Just starting on our way up (and I mean, literally), we met the person in charge.  Recognizing him, I told him that there was no one back at the house so we decided to go ahead.  Sir Jerry made arrangements to just pay when we get down and he agreed.  A little bit more off, Jerry decided this wasn't the trail he wanted to take so we turned back to a different trail when we were stopped by the same guy we talked with earlier.  He didn't want us to pass that way and it wasn't quite clear why.  Jerry, just being there some time ago passed that way.  The guy got kinda annoyed about forcing to go that way that he demanded we go back to the house (a long way mind you) and register.  Sir Jerry was trying to negotiate but he wouldn't budge.  With that, it was decided that we wouldn't climb Talamitam anymore today and instead run the road to Batulao and climb that instead.

Passing the house of the old caretaker of Talamitam, Sir Nick, we logged our complaints in his book.  He actually had a book of all the complaints.  If you don't know the history of Sir Nick in Talamitam, I suggest you do a little research.  Sir Nick was removed from being caretaker of the mountain and it turns out that mountaineers aren't liking the new caretakers at all.

Heading back to the road, we found the sun already up in the sky and the sky was clear.  It started to feel hot.  We started on our run back to Evercrest.  It wasn't as simple as we thought.  It was all uphill from here!! Great!! and at past 0730 it was hot!!! Really hot!! We didn't turn out to be as prepared as we thought.  I went to be late the past nights and I guess it wasn't anywhere near good.  Anyways, we called it a day at around 5km into the road. We got into a jeepney back to Olivarez.

After eating breakfast in Jollibee, we decided to go around the Ukay-ukay in Olivarez plaza.  Three guys in running gear and packs walking around the shop! And kinda sweaty too!! Haha.. Anyways, we had our share of purchases that day.  It was quite fun.. hehe..

We weren't to accomplish our goal that day and I was frustrated about it.  Why does Talamitam have to be the most expensive mountain in Cavite? At 25pesos!! It ain't even that high!! 630 MASL compared to Batulao's 811 which only costs 20 for registration plus even doesn't offer the same view that Batulao gives!! The politics is just frustrating!!

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LJ said...

Hey Aldz. I didn't know Mang Nick is not the caretaker of Mt. Talamitam anymore. He was a good guy. What happened?