Monday, February 16, 2009

Tagaytay Pista Ng Pag-Ibig 2009

Yesterday, February 15,2009, I witnessed my first live cycling event in Tagaytay City.  Headed by Tagaytay City Mayor and PhilCycling President, Bambol Tolentino, the Pista Ng Pag-Ibig (Feast of Love) is done every year.

I was reminded of my first running event (the Makati City Hall Vertical Race).  I was wearing jogging pants and a shirt.  I was surrounded by bronze skinned runners showing off their massive, well-toned legs through their 'ultra-short' shorts.  I was watching several runners warming up.  I was intimitated!

I didn't join this cycling event - which was also an event where they take the top 10 junior finishers and train them for a cycling event in Singapore - but I was really intimidated!  I just stood/sat scanning the human powered machines zooming past, while cyclists were warming up, trying to identify their equipment and taking mental notes of their riding techniques and form.  I fed my mind on the pretty eye candies - frames, wheelsets, components.  I, ofcourse, rode my bike to the place.  I am proud of my bike, don't get me wrong! But that time, I didn't associate myself with my bike as I wasn't dressed to match my bike.  I also watched as some people approached my bike and admiring it! Haha.. the pride of the builder!! ..but I didn't mention that it belonged to me. (how pathetic!)

The event also included a 160km ride.  As the race started, I watched these cyclists starting strong!  I wondered how they could keep up that pace when they had to ride 160kms.  Maybe it seemed strong to me, when to these steel legged superhumans, it was just another joy ride.  I was awakened to the world of cycling and how much more I have to train!

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