Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bomb?! ..Oh...

There a lot of things that can freak a crowd out and cause total chaos. One of which is a bomb threat. Imagine you are in a mall full of people when someone shouts "BOMB!!" and runs!! What do you think happen? Ahh.. Stampede!!

In the Philippines, and probably most anywhere in the world, joking about bombs isn't the funniest joke. Specially in airports. You could get caught, jailed, fined, then jailed again...ok, maybe not. I had a similar experience just recently. Not in an airport, nothing was funny (until I noticed), no one was jailed.

I traveled to Quiapo, Manila to purchase the lacking parts of my bicycle project. I was traveling with my friend RJ, who was also scouting for bike parts. On our way home, we decided to take the LRT. Train stations, in the Philippines at least, have security guards checking the contents of your bags. I was carrying a bag where I put my goodies. Approaching the security guard's desk I unzipped my bag and opened it. She (the security guard) was checking the contents. She found something and was gesturing - asking what it was. It was my bike handpump that I forgot to remove from my bag. "Bomba po!", I said. She let me pass.

Then, it dawned on me!! What the hell was that?! Did I just tell a security guard it was a BOMB? I was laughing to myself. I innocently answered her question saying that it was a hand pump! You see in the Philippines a pump is bomba, same filipino word for bomb. I was aware of the rules about making fun with bombs and such. I was glad I wasn't apprehended. It could have been serious!

Well, earlier, we were on the train and took out my water bottle to drink. While drinking, I tilted my head up and saw the sign saying "No Drinking!" My, my, me! I hurriedly put my water bottle away.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness ADLZ!!!! that was hilarious...and scary! Good thing people didn't hear you saying "bomb"..lol

Take care!

aLdZ said...

haha.! no.. only the security.. hehe.. who, wasn't doing her job properly!! what's wrong with these people!! hehe..