Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ready to TRI?

It's one week to go before my target date to my first TRI.  The ANIMO Sprint Triathlon in Alabang is happening on June 14, 2009.

950m Swim, 30km bike, 7km run.. AM I READY?

If ever I'm gonna race on the 14th, I'll be going alone.  No friends who are gonna race with me that are also racing for the first time.  I'll be tri-ing alone.  This will be a moment of truth.  Another thought to think about is have I been training enough?

I have never done a triathlon in my life and the idea of a 'first time' is nerve wrecking.  I have learned from Parkour training that the 'first jump' is the most important.  IF I am going to tri, I want to be able to attack it the best I can.  There will be no DNF (Did Not Finish).



Kurisutaberu said...

wow aldz, that sounds.... exhausting (for someone who barely exercise like me. :p ) but i know you can do it. KAYA MO YAN! you have my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Do it!!!

back on blogspot..this time for good.
Please delete any other accounts you have from me cuz they don´t exist anymore, only this one ;)

glad to get back in touch.
take care!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aldz. Just checking in to see if everything's okay. Did you do the TRI? Take care and we'll talk soon.

Allan Marsh said...

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