Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New tHinGs..

There comes a time in your life when you have to let go of some things important to you to make way for something you think is WORTH the sacrifice.

I think I've come to a certain point.  I haven't been climbing in months, running and swimming have been pushed aside.  I'm almost quite sure I wouldn't fulfill the only two goals I have set for this year.

What has become of greater importance for me? Music - specifically choral music AND the choir I'm in.. and have been in since it began in 2006..

I still try to squeeze everything into the little time that is given to me every week, though.


MiDniGhT_DoLpHiN14 said...

Kuya aldz, it started in like 03.. :P But glad that you enjoy it still.. :) As always, "sing with spirit and understanding"! :)

I really miss singing with AIYC. :) Those were some really amazing days. And just because you are focusing on music, doesn't always mean you give up on your passions. :)

aLdZ said...

ingz, it's a career na.. almost.. God has opened a lot of doors for AIYC.. and it's a challenge that we take.. to spread the Word through songs. :)

Some things have to go.. not all.. :) I still do things I love.

Nomusa said...

i didnt know u are giving up so much for us..if only we all knew!
thank you!! :)