Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

- Gong Xi Fa Chai!! Just in time for the Chinese New Year!!  I just got this picture from RJ ( last night.

- This picture was taken in Tarak Ridge last year, December.  If you notice I was kneeling down.  The winds were so strong that standing for this pic was difficult.

- I believe this year is the year of the Ox which is also the year I was born (1985).  I am expecting a lot this year.  I will also expect to work hard on training which I've already started.

My 2009 Goals:

I have several goals for the year 2009.  Some of them are goals carried over from 2008.  Here are some of them.

1.  Finish a Marathon - This was a goal that I had last year which I didn't get to do.  Running and finishing 42kms is definitely a goal this year.  I was excited about the Philippine Marathon which was supposed to happen on March 8 but was moved.  This gives me ample time to train.  All marathons are scheduled at the later part of the year.  A half marathon - The Cordura Half Marathon - will be held on March 22.

2. Become a Triathlete - I've been bitten by the bug.  And now I'm in the triathlon fever.  I've started training to be a triathlete this year.  My goal is to finish an olympic distance triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) but in any case a sprint distance will do.. nothing below that.  Triathlon training could be really tough.  I have to find time to train all three sports during the week. And without a lap pool near by, I ride 14kms to Adventist University of the Philippines to swim, then ride 14kms home.  So far, training is going along fine.  I haven't really cut down on running as I also have to train for a marathon.

So what have I done so far to see that this goals are met?

-  I have been more serious with training.  I've also found out that cross training like cycling could improve endurance during the run.  Just recently, I finished third in a local short-distance run we had.

- I am building a road bike.  Almost complete.  I plan to complete it by next month.  The frame is of time trial geometry (76 deg. of seat angle).  I've been using a mountain bike (MTB) on the road for training which isn't really the use for it.  I plan to start piling in more miles with my TT bike.  I'll post a pic of the bike when it's complete. ^^


Anonymous said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai Aldwin! Checking in to see how you're doing. Whatever your goals, I'm behind you all the way. Take care and have a great weekend!

aLdZ said...

thanks sir wayne,
i actually have lots of chances to sees that these happen so we'll see..