Wednesday, May 7, 2008

..PKPH Dry Run + Habagat 20th Anniversary = a gReaT daY..

May 4, 2008 was a day to remember. With the lots happening this summer, I really didn't expect this day to be what it was -- A GREAT DAY.. This weekend was, in my schedule (our group of friends' schedule), the day we were supposed to trek Mt. Maculot. But because of the PKPH scheduled dry run for their summer class starting on May 11, 2008, we decided to postponed the climb to a later date.

Parkour Philippines (PKPH) Dry Run

The Dry Run was supposed to start at 8am. Meaning we had to leave AIIAS at around 6am. Instead, Red, RJ, Ed & I left at around 0730, Sunday morning. Reaching Ateneo at around 0930, we were really late. We were still able to join Alvin, Tam, & Sandy for the rest of the morning trying out the plan for the summer class.

After that, we had a small jam. It's been a while since we jammed with Alvin & Tam and we had a great time.

After the jam, Alvin Teng offered us a ride to our next stop and lunch. He brought us to Shaw to pick up my Canon PS A620 which was under repair. And since they were on lunch break, boss Alvin took us to lunch. We had a great time together. Discussing plans and recalling experiences. He didn't just bring us to our next stop, though. He also took us to our next next stop. He took us an extra mile. Thanks boss.

Habagat 20th anniversary celebration at ROX

Boss Alvin took us to Recreational Outdoor eXchange (ROX) in Global City. This was the first time that we've ever visited this shop. We didn't know that Habagat, the Philippines' leader in outdoor equipment, was holding their 20th anniversary celebration. We were amazed to see a Venado pack - 17yrs old on display there. And it was still good for use. We got to meet the Habagat staff there. They invited us to a merienda and we got to chat with them about various topics such as the Carera Habagat and their packs themselves. It was quite an awesome experience. RJ was starstruck!!! But how I wish I had a functional camera then. But although I was able to get my cam that day, I forgot the batteries at home.

More pictures of the event could be viewed here:
Habagat 20th anniversary celebration at ROX

Some points to share

Going to Manila on May 11, was not as we expected.

- The night before the set day, that was Saturday night, Shin kinda busted his shoulder again which put him out of the plan. It was very disappointing.

- Another thing is that RJ texted late that he didn't have money to spare. Ed & I discussed this case and decided to pitch in for RJ's fare.

- We were in a really tight budget when we went there, and not even planning to have lunch. But thanks to our friend Alvin Teng, it turned out fine.

- We weren't expecting to meet the Habagat staff in ROX that day. If we went any other day, we wouldn't have met them. It was really quite a coincidence.


Mr Pineapples said...

Thank you for sharing this with the world.....I (as spokesman for the world) very grateful.

alvin said...

hey aldz dont mention the lunch nor the driving. wala yun. nice hanging with you guys. we should jam again soon.