Sunday, May 11, 2008

--Road TesT--

Waking up at 4am isn't easy but I this day I was going on a run with Jerry & Maclan. This two guys are pros. They've been running for a while now and, as a novice runner, I look up to them. The route we were going to take is a back-route from Silang all the way up to Brgy. Tolentino in Tagaytay City.

The meeting place was the belltower in AIIAS. Time - 5am. I was there but none of them were still there so I waited. Then, Ate Jenn came. The night before, she was asking me if I was going to run with Mac & Jerry today, and I said that I was. It's a good thing that she decided to come along at least I wasn't the only novice runner. haha.

Anyways, after waiting for sometime, Mac, then Jerry showed up and we started off. Back down to Silang, up to Iba and on our way to Tagaytay. The run took around 1hour & 30mins - 2hours. The pace was slow and easy but was still challenging.

The route had a lot to offer. A combination of hills, flat, trail. It was good training. We ended up walking the last segment of the road up to the road connecting People's Park and Olivarez Plaza -- somewhere between "palenke" (market) and Olivarez. Mac decided to run to Olivarez while, Ate Jenn, Jerry and I flagged a tricycle for a ride.

I really learned loads about running this day from conversations with the two pros. Tips on how to keep hydrated to strategies on long runs to big names in the running world.

I am greatful for these people who gave me the enthusiasm to run. So far, it's been quite an experience. I'm still looking forward to my first race & still training for it.

Wallclimbing in SSD

In the afternoon of the same day, RJ, Ed, Shin & I with Jerry went to SSD for some wallclimbing. SSD has a wall behind the guesthouses in the basketball and tennis court area. The wall is not too high but is quite challenging. We went up it a couple of times and attempted to scale it from one side to the other. It proved to be more than we could handle for that day. We didn't even get half-way. All well there is always next week.

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