Monday, May 19, 2008

..soLo RuN..

Following up the run to Tagaytay with Sir Mac, Sir Jerry, & Ate Jenn last Sunday (blog here), I decided to run the same route. But since Ate Jenn and Sir Jerry went on a hike to Pico de Loro (Mt. Palay-palay) and Sir Mac was doing a run in Pasig, I was alone.

May 18, 2008 - I woke up early Sunday morning to the rain. It has been raining recently with two typhoons in the Philippines' Area of Responsibility - one to the west of Mindoro island and one to the north-east of the Philippines - I decided not to run.

In the afternoon of the same day, I decided to run. starting at around 1730 I started my solo run to Tagaytay via Brgy. Iba to Brgy. Ligawan to Brgy. Bucal to Brgy. Tolentino East. The sky was cloudy so it wasn't all that sunny. It also rained on me a bit but it was refreshing. The run to Tagaytay took me 1hour 12minutes & 52seconds according to my clock. When I got there, I remembered I didn't have fare enough to get me back home. So I ran another 12minutes & 32seconds to Olivarez for a total of 1hour 25minutes & 25seconds which is a new record for me as the longest run I ever did.

With this new accomplishment came new confidence in myself. Hard Training together with good advice from experienced people helps.

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Anonymous said...

ey Aldz! congrats!! :)
take care buddy
and now im more positive about being in Chile. hehe. just letting you know.