Monday, July 21, 2008

Koko's Quest: Help Batman Save Gotham City!

Photos with the Dark Knight:
Both Photos taken by Alvin Teng
(Top: left to right) Shin, Ed, Jimmy, me.
(Bottom: left to right) Ed, Jimmy, me, Shin.

Last Sunday, the Cab Crew, as our group is more commonly known, took part in the Koko's Quest: Help Batman Save Gotham City! event. It was an event sponsored by Koko Crunch to promote the new Batman Movie -- The Dark Knight in the Mall of Asia.

Originally, four of us where going to perform. Edmund Solaiman, Shin Siapco, Francis dela Cruz and RJ Almocera. But since Francis and RJ had an exam Sunday, 2pm (2 hours before the performance) in AUP, we switched plans. Carlo Enriquez from Parkour Philippines (PKPH) and I joined in.

We were in Mall of Asia from 0830, met boss Alvin Teng of PKPH who was coordinating our part of the event, had a little briefing and dry runs, and played some Nintendo Wii. "Fly Time" was 4pm. Counting down the hours before then, we went around the mall, visited the Arcade, registered for the TNF100, and went around some more. At lunch, we ate lunch, and went around some more. At 3pm, we went back to the stage area and got ourselves ready for the jump.

Video: Below is a vid of the event. It shows me at the first part (right), followed by Ed on the track (left).

Well, it didn't turn out the way it should have. In short we messed up. The day before, PKPH did the same run successfully. Actually the video above was a false start. We entered when we shouldn't have. We had to exit again since the host, Iya Villania, was up on stage! you could see me exit in the vid. hehe. Was I embarrassed? Well, not as much as I should have been thanks to the organizers who let us wear balaclavas so my face was hidden!! Hey! I had to do the drop twice!!

It was quite an experience. A lot better than the event we did for IMAX for Spiderman 3 although it just took a few minutes. I would like to take this chance to thank Boss Alvin Teng for giving us a shot on this at the same time I would like to express my apologies to PKPH and to Alvin. I know we could have caused some damage to your name and the community in a way, but we would be willing to redeem for it someday.

Fun in the Mall of Asia
(left) Shin, boxing on the Wii
(right) Ed, watching Shin on a bike in the arcade

Alot of friends were actually in the vicinity at that time. RJ and Franz finished their exams in 15 minutes and tried to catch up but arrived minutes after the event. Red also came with his cam. Grace and John Ragui were also there. And Ayn was somewhere. They were all in the vicinity but weren't able to watch the event but still we were able to meet them after the event.

Oh.. Boss, thanks also for the shoes. I've written in a previous post that my shoes where getting wrecked. Boss Alvin donated me shoes. Thanks alot! :)

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