Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mt Batulao Trail Run

I used to think that mountains were for climbing with Mountaineering gear - tent, pack, stove. Not today. Sir Jerry (HighAltitude) took me to Mt. Batulao for a taste of "Mountain running". On the narrow mountain trails, we ran. Going up and down, over rocks and under trees. I was constantly getting slashed on by the lots of talahib on both sides of the trail. Of course I wasn't wearing my usual mountaineering gear since this was a run.

Waking up a 4am, I took a bath and made myself ready for this first taste. We got to the front of Evercrest at around 0600 (which isn't accurate since I wasn't keeping time). On a usual hiking trip, getting to the top of Batulao from the front of Evercrest would take about 2 hours. At least that's how long it took us to get up there the last time I went. But running the trail, it took us exactly 50minutes to get to the top (according to Sir Jerry's Vector).

This is probably the hardest run I've had so far. I couldn't keep up with Jerry and needed to walk alot of times. On the way back to the highway from the peak, my feet felt like lead. My quads were starting to cramp due to dehydration which is solely my fault since I wasn't drinking as much. I feel fortunate that I'm still able to walk properly after that run..

Some time, I will need to buy myself a nice pair of trail shoes. I'll be going back there again next week and hope I do better. My poor reeboks are breaking and they're my only pair of shoes for everything (I have leather shoes, though). This is going to be my training for the TNF event on the 27th. Train hard!!

Below are photos Sir Jerry & I took on this trip. Enjoy.

Photos of me were taken by Jerry.

Note: Photos of Sir Jerry were taken by me.


Anonymous said...

it was a perfect sunday trail run!!!

thanks pare!

aLdZ said...

I hope I can come again on sunday. But I think it'll be hard since we have some activities saturday night. I'll see though.

Thanks also man.. :)

Anonymous said...

Aldz, good luck in the TNF 20K. You, highaltitude and ibanrunner picked an awesome trail and the photos are out of this world.

Take care. - Wayne

Evan said...

Hey Aldz, looks like fun. I am really missing the mountains. Wish I could go again.