Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Warning: Women Out of Order"

DISCLAIMER: Ok. Please, there is no harm intended in this blog (specially to women).


If this is true, I advise everyone to stay away! This is no joke! On the other hand, it could mean the end for all of us (I'm talking bout men). In what situations can this sign be applied? Can it be fixed? What came to your mind when you saw the pic? I would like to get some feedback. :)

To me, truthfully speaking, I was totally amused when I saw this INTERESTING sign. I'm not going to say where I saw this but it's a sign on the door of a bathroom, washroom, toilet, C.R., throne room, however you fancy calling it..

Being of the opposite sex, and knowing and hearing quotes about women - "Women = Evil" - as an example, I was excited and ran for my camera. It was worth taking a shot of. Hey, I'm just a guy who is naturally entertained by these things.

Whoever put the "Out of Order" sign probably didn't know how it would look.. or maybe did. I'm also excited to get feedback as to what you think, specially if you're female.


MiDniGhT_DoLpHiN14 said...

hahha.. I think itz funny. :) Really, I do. I was laughing for quite awhile after I first saw it. :) Nice sign! :P

Anonymous said...

aldzheimerz - first time stopping by your blog. It's very good.

Regarding this post, the first thing I thought was it was a door to a public bathroom. I've seen this enough in SF. However, I think women could easily take offense to this as easily as men being amused.

If it just said "Out of order for servicing" or "Out of order. Please use bathroom one block away" that would have been fine.

Anyway, please continue the running and blogging. Take care and have a good weekend!

aLdZ said...

Ingrid, thanx. Yah I was really laughing too when I first saw it. Even Toki was laughing when she saw it.

SFRunner, thanks for dropping by. I went back to the place this weekend and the sign has been changed to "Closed." I guess someone did notice the sign and had it changed.

I'll be running next in the TNF 100.. 20k..