Monday, September 15, 2008

Rebounding Fun Run

Photo:  Before the Run
Photo taken by Arne Carpena
Me, Ed, Jimmy, Franz, RJ before the 13km run to Yellow Cab, Tagaytay.

Ok, I may be the worst kind of goal-setter.   I didn't even come close to the 40+ km run I was planning!  I could blame it on the weather.  The weather last week has been bad with a typhoon to the north end of the Philippines.  There was not a day when ground was dry and sky was clear.  And there always was rain and wind.  The night of my planned run, September 10, 2008, Ed got to my house at around 7pm on his bicycle (he came in the rain).  We were to meet RJ Almocera (  in AIIAS at 8pm. The rain was pouring but I was trying to be optimistic about the rain stopping.

20:30 PM it was still raining!! When will it stop!! I've been carbo-loading and hydrating for this run for days!!!

...the rain didn't stop.
I texted RJ that we would try at midnight and I went to bed.  Waking up at 2300, I prepared my stuff despite the downpour.  Ed was already deep in sleep and there wasn't any sign that he would wake up.  I didn't even bother waking him up.  I was waiting for the rain to stop.  At 0000, the time I planned to finish, I was still sitting at home waiting for the rain to stop.  When my patience gauge hit low, I decided to scrap the plan, I texted RJ and left Ed sleeping and went to bed.

The Fun Run
September 11, Ed and I talked over breakfast about just running to Tagaytay via the highway in the evening.  It was not a bad plan, we would invite friends to join.  We got Jimmy Park and Francis to join us.  Our plan was to run to - guess where?  Yellow Cab!  Yes!  This was probably the only motivation that would get this guys going - the thought of pizza at the end of a run.  Well, to me it was just another 10km run to the rotunda and another 3 to Yellow Cab.

The Fun started at 8 PM.  With Francis on the bicycle, we started running.  I was on the lead with the headlamp and Franz stayed on the rear with the reflective vest.  Arne, KC and Lorjean also came along but in a vehicle.  My Dad, brother and sister also came in a van.  Quite a support group huh?  Haha.. it's still really fun to think of it.  Jimmy and Franz have never run such distance before so they were taking turns on the bike.

Photos:  During the Run
Some photos on the Aguinaldo Hi-way.  It's really dark please forgive the weather.

After around an hour and twenty minutes, we reached Yellow Cab at around 9:30 PM.  A party was in order.  Yellow Cab was supposed to close at 10 PM but they waited for us - their last customers.

Photos: After the Run.
Tired and exhausting BUT IN YELLOW CAB!! ^_^

Although I fell short, far short of my goal, I'm really glad to have friends.  As Ed said, it was my birthday, Arne came out, and Franz exercised.  What a fun night!!  There will still be another time for me to break the 42km barrier and I'm all for it.

After the eating, I mounted on my bike and rode home (I didn't have enough).  Total distance travelled was 28km.  A duathlon! Haha.


Anonymous said...

Great run Aldwin... Its good that you have good friends to join the run. It will boast the motivation. Cool pictures too. Its always enjoy running with you. Hope I can join you guys one of these days "The AldzHeiMerZ Team" hehehe... keep it up bro. Happy running!.

aLdZ said...

Nah, no such team. haha.. it's always great to run with you too. Looking forward to running with you again. :)

Anonymous said...

Aldz, what a great post!

See you in November! - Wayne

aLdZ said...

@sir wayne,
thanks, i'll be looking forward to November. I'll try my best to join that run. :)