Monday, September 8, 2008

Disappointed but nevermind

In a previous post Building for the Full Marathon Stage 1: Distance I was preparing myself for a full marathon before my birthday.  That is Thursday, September, the 11th.  It's a disappointment that the 42km I was looking at (Subic Marathon) wasn't real.

Doesn't matter! I'm still going to go on my goal.  On Wednesday, me & my friends are going on a little trip.  The plan is to start at around midnight and run my usual route.  AIIAS-Tagaytay rotonda via back road-Maharlika-Tagaytay rotonda-Tartaria-Pooc-Silang.  My friends (Ed & Arj at the moment)are going to be my "support team" at this.  They'll be carrying my stuff.  It's going to be a little long in my calculations.  The farthest distance ran so far was 25km.

I may seem a little irrational at the moment but I've given it much thought.  This is just a goal I want for myself.  When I've published this, there is no turning back.  Next entry will be a report on my craze.

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Anonymous said...

Aldz, happy birthday and good luck on the marathon. Ed and Arj will make a great support team for the effort.

Don't worry about the irrational part. Runners are interesting to a few people.

My 40 years as a runner is two weeks from Friday. If I'm healthy enough, I'll be doing something which will sound irrational. I'll tell you and everyone about it soon!

In the meantime, let us know how it turns out!