Thursday, September 18, 2008

Extended Birthday

Thanks to Oyette (who missed out on Yellow Cab last week), my birthday has been extended to a week!! ^^ Last night she gave me (well, me & my sis) her "peace offering" a choco-mousse cake. Really nice cake! Just pictures for you right now... sorry! :P


As much as I would like to preserve it. . . .
Nice, Nice, Nice Cake! ^-^
Thanks Oyette!!!


Oyette said...

Hey Aldz!! :)

I totally forgot about this blogspot of yours. I think you told me once about it... but that was like, a really long time ago. Anyways, I was wondering where you write.. You're like, more of a writer type! :)

How honored am I!! :D Kewl pix! hehehe.. Hope it was yummy. ;)

C u at church bukas. :)

aLdZ said...

haha.. it was yummy.. you shoulda had some before you gave it.. :D