Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Few Weeks as a Workaholic

I've been stuck with work the past days.  Staying in the office til the late nights (latest at 11+ PM), I do nothing the whole day but (1 1/2) wake up, (2)eat, (3)go to work, (2)eat, (3)work, (2)eat, (1)sleep. On a daily cycle. 3 basic activities.

So far, I haven't had anytime for training in anything.  But I try to fit in a few pushups when I can, some muscle ups, run around a bit (jog around that is).

I'm literally tired.  To keep me going, I say to myself, "I am an endurance athlete.  I train Parkour. I have a strong mind."  It does keep me going.

Well, what is the use of a strong mind with a week body? Well, if the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, you've got an issue.  You can get yourself seriously injured by not having enough physical capacity for a certain task.  Also, it takes half the time to lose shape than to get in shape.

I would think I AM out of shape and I seriously need to get back to training.  After a few weeks as a workaholic.


Anonymous said...

aww Aldz..I know what crazy workin hours feel like.
Keep hanging in there you parkour hero!! hehe


aLdZ said...

aww.. thanks coty! :) have a great weekend!