Monday, October 13, 2008

After a Few Weeks as a Workaholic

Finally, the few weeks of all work has ended. Now comes the milder, more usual loads of work. After more than two weeks of no (serious) running (my last run: Batulao), I decided to go on a long run last Sunday. My last run was more than a week ago. And I wouldn't even call it a run. More like jog-walk with a ratio of 1mile jog:1mile walk. Not good.

Starting at 053o Sunday morning, me and my friend RJ went on a 25km long run. The first 15kms, going round the usual route passing a back road to the Tagaytay City rotunda, were no problem except for a few stitches that I was expecting. At the rotunda, we turned back north, heading down the Aguinaldo hi-way back to Silang (11km). I started feeling exhaustion settling in less than 5km later. My plan was to run until my legs give and it seemed really close now. I was determined to push some more. Downhills are somewhat difficult in their own way. The pounding of your feet and the energy you use for control contribute to the overall difficulty. I got to the point were I could only run a few hundred meters and go back to a walk. We did one last push toward the AIIAS campus (some 250m). I was really out by now it was even an effort to go on walking. We finished the run in 2hrs 56mins.

Last time I ran this same route (except all the way down to Silang which is around 27km) it took me only 2hrs 40mins. And here I was 2kms short and all ready out. Since we were already out of water, we walked to the library for a drink. My plan of going home on foot was really far from my mind now since I just felt like sitting down. I decided to pass by Auntie Beth and Ate Jenn before heading home (by jeep now), fortunately today was Auntie Beth's birthday and they were eating breakfast (nearly 9 in the morning). The gave a plate of macaroni cooked like spaghetti, i guess, siopao, and a banana. I actually just asked for a banana and got away with a meal!! haha. after talking a bit and eating, I said farewell and walked out the door. I felt renewed. Must have been the food. I scratched the "jeepney" idea and continued home on foot. Now I know the feeling of renewed energy during a run. It will come in handy one day.

Since I'm back to my regular schedule, I've decided to step up my training. In the few weeks that I was stuck with work, with no time to train, I got out of shape so fast. At least maintenance training is required. I will work with 25kms every Sunday for my long runs. Maybe cycling now and then. And stepping up with my parkour technical training too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aldz. Good to hear that you're back on schedule. Hope everything's going well. Take care and I'll see you soon!

aLdZ said...

Sir Wayne,
Thanks, I'm training for November. Hopefully, I'll meet you there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aldz. Hope everything's well. I hope to see you in a few days. Please check out the latest on my blog.

Take care and have a good week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aldz. It was great meeting you last Sunday at VSO. Hope things are going well with you. Please take care and have a good week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Confirmed full marathon:
February 22: Philippine Marathon
October 18: Quezon City International Marathon

Unconfirmed full marathon:
Subic Int'l Marathon
Clark Int'l Marathon

c'mon, lets bring a new level of running :)

let's start run again...