Friday, October 3, 2008

Batulao Run 2 - Keep Exploring

Photos: Group Pics
Photos taken by Mr. Tripod
(Top) At one of the peaks of Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu
(Bottom) In front of Evercrest Clubhouse

Waking up at around 6am Sunday morning (Sept. 2, 2008), I started preparing for what was to be a "trail" exploration. I went to bed at around midnight after arriving from a swimming trip from Calamba but I was ready to run. I was the last person to arrive at the meeting point and Baldrunner's car was waiting at the side of the hi-way in front of AIIAS. Jerry (HighAltitude) & RJ were already there. We rode all the way to Evercrest, Nasugbu were we were going to start our run.

Our planned trail was to take one loop around the TNF100 10km and traverse Mt. Batulao. The weather was pretty cooperative as we started at around 0800. Cloudy sky, a refreshing breeze, light drizzles -- it was perfect. The trail was quite muddy but nothing compared to the TNF. We were making good progress til after the bridge. We must have missed a turn somewhere because we started heading down again to a second bridge. I didn't remember a metal bridge during a TNF and the path leading down to that bridge was insane!! Anyways, with the words of Baldrunner, quoting The North Face slogan, he said "Just keep exploring!" So we went on. We managed to follow a path leading to the national hi-way and started on the road back to Evercrest. That was around 10kms.

It started drizzling before we got to Evercrest and started pouring when we got there, so we took cover under the front of the Evercrest Club, took pics and chatted. After the rain stopped, we decided to continue to towards Batulao. The trail was also muddy that way. The clouds started coming down onto the mountain and completely covered it. We stopped for a while at the jumpoff for some buko.

While at the buko stop, some mountaineers approached from the peak. Around 30 of them. After the bukostop, we decided to make for the peak. The peak was still covered with clouds, and judging by the weather, it wouldn't be safe to assault the summit. We stopped at two peaks before Camp 8 and were quite satisfied already so we made our way back down.

It started getting hot since it was around lunch time and I just had a peanut butter sandwich before leaving home. We headed back to AIIAS and had a session of carbo-reloading with baked potatoes together with BR & his company.

We missed Ibanrunner in this run. He had to finish some class requirements. Hopefully he'll get to join us the next time around.


Anonymous said...

aldz, my companions were not my family. they are my staff of my private company. thanks

paperdoll said...

sana maexperience co rin yang mountain climbing na yan. .:(

aLdZ said...


Sir, apologies. I will correct that ASAP. Thanks for the corrections.


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