Monday, December 15, 2008

breaking free..not quite yet

Even though my right ankle is still feeling a little unstable after three weeks now due to a sprain, I've been feeling uneasy about not being able to train so I decided - not to run - but accompany my dad on a bicycle ride.

Waking up early, we started on our way at 0630 on a cold Sunday morning.  My dad has been cycling alot going on long rides every Sunday. Sometimes with friends.  Today, it was only me and him.  Since he was the veteran on the road I let him take the lead.  I also bike alot but not in long distances the farthest distance being 28km (AIIAS - AUP - AIIAS via Pook). We were both riding mountain bikes and our route went up via the Aguinaldo hi-way to the Tagaytay rotonda.  Turning left and down the Tagaytay-Balibago road we had to take some inside road because we weren't wearing helmets.( Reminder: Tagaytay City is strict on helmets.)  Somewhere past the market, we turned left again passing a road going down back to Silang passing Brgy. Punong Bunga - a road similar to the back road I usually run.  This road we passed connects to my back road route which I am familiar with.  This time I took the lead. Turning right before the bridge, I took my dad off-road for a while.  This are what mountain bikes are supposed to be for.  They were not meant for the road!

We took the off-road road slowly since there were mud puddles everywhere and we didn't really plan on getting ourselves dirty.  Exiting the dirt road, we came to a road connecting Silang and Lumil through Pook.  Then, turning left again, we went down and up the creek and were on our way back home.

Reaching home, I felt like the bike ride wasn't enough.  Sure we went about 30km but I didn't really felt like it was enough.  Maybe just me.  I decided to take this as an opportunity to train transition.  Leaving my bike at home I hit the road once more.  Instantly, I felt the pain on my ankle.  Being stubborn, I just kept going.  Running the road up to AIIAS running two rounds and back home for a total of around 6km.  It was around 9 in the morning.  Good enough it wasn't that hot.

This was a good start! Freedom is sweet but not yet.  Not with a bad ankle...that could get worse if I'm not careful.  I'll be doing this again next Sunday and probably more Sundays after next.  Next Sunday I'll be aiming for the Olympic Triathlon length for the bike and run legs (40km bike - 10km run).


Anonymous said...

Hi Aldwin. Good start on the road back. Don't push the ankle too much while running though. Biking is good. Try swimming as well. Good for cardiovascular. Take care and Happy Holidays!

aLdZ said...

Will do that.. my ankle feels much better now but i'm still taking care of it.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

Aldwin, I'm just testing the Blogger to see if it's working and it apparently is.

Thanks for sending the comment about Wordpress and Blogger. More important, hopefully the ankle is getting better. Merry Christmas and I'll see you in 2009!