Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Takes on the TNF Thrill of the Trail

First of all, this post wasn't supposed to come first this year.  There was supposed to be a Happy New Year's post, a New Year's resolutions post, a "what-I-did-til-now" post, and another post.  But right now, those will come after this.

If you want to read about the TNF Thrill of the Trail, read it from my friend's blog - HighAltitude.

I'm posting to pour out my disappointments of not being able to join this run! Well, not a fault on my part mind you.  I was looking for a way to register for this run.

After hearing about this run last year from Jerry, I've been looking forward to it.  I went to TNF-MOA to get my trail shoes fixed and asked them about the registration - this was 2 weeks after I heard about it.  And guess what - they said the registration was closed!! Well, they had a poster of the run for all to see, and here I was hearing that the registration was closed! I was disappointed wondering how this race closed registration so soon?!

Then I remembered the complications in last year's TNF run, how, despite closing of registration, they allowed on site registration and it messed up the results.  I thought it was fair that only a certain number of people be allowed for this run.  But still, I was disappointed.

Forgetting about it, it came back when Jerry mentioned it a few weeks ago, then discussing with my friend RJ about not being able to register, I found out that he had the same issue.  It was worse though because he - some one who won 3rd in his age category - didn't get a chance to register!!! Why isn't a placer given special privileges in this kind of thing?  I, too, ran in the TNF100 20k and did pretty well finishing at 2:01:xx..  Then, topping this off, hearing that joining a running workshop, a week before the race, gives you the opportunity to register!!  It is just NOT FAIR!! Well, I heard that the registration was done on an invitational kind of thing.  But still!!  I don't think you should deny people their right to experience the thrill of the trail.  And this is after you advertise it to the public..

Hopefully I will get to run in the next trail run.  Congratulations to all who ran this race. Congrats to Jerry for finishing 7th overall.

Note: I heard that the Philippine Marathon will be postponed.  I hope it will not.  I'm training for this run, and having this kind of news just puts me off my rhythm.


Anonymous said...

Aldwin, Happy New Year my friend! Sorry that you didn't enter TNF and I agree with your comments on it.

Regarding the marathon, I hope that the organizers get their act together and have it. Please take care and have a good week ahead!

aLdZ said...

Thanks sir wayne..
I heard now that the marathon is really postponed to later this year. I'll just train for the half on march.. :)