Monday, December 8, 2008

..the Key ..?

So I haven't written anything for about a month now.  I have lost all passion of updating my blog; lost passion of running.  I mentioned about losing my passion of blogging to sir Wayne when I met him at the Kabahaginan FUNdraising run back in November... by the way, sir Wayne, it was nice meeting you.

So what have I been to since then?  Nothing.  I've gone to sleep.  The question is WHY? Well, that's a question I couldn't find the answer to.  Similar to me stopping from tricking.  I know a backflip is fairly simple-just a jump and a tuck-but somehow I just lost the feeling to even try one.  Well this is after my broken arm. It's past a year now since the insident and almost a year since the cast has been removed.  I haven't been back to tricking full blast since.  Again, the question is WHY?  And again, it's a question a couldn't find an answer to.  I just couldn't get what is so scary about a backflip (there isn't) specially when I got it on my own will.

I don't want to waste my time searching for the answer of why I lost my passion on things.  Not long ago, I was introduced to running and ran in an event almost every month.  I would hit the road with the Ibanrunner and High Altitude or alone.  What was it that drove me?

Recently, I've picked up on parkour training.  It's really hard work but freedom has it's price.  You gotta work hard to be able to move freely- not being bound by any obstacles.  What drove me to pick up on this?  Since I started, it's been hard training - strength training, technical training - sometimes going for a whole 8 hours ending with a sore body.  But was is it that made me go on despite the pain?

The question I wanted to answer was how to get it back?  How do I get back the desire for the things I once desired up to the point of breaking an arm?  How do I once again rekindle the fire that once burned bright?

The key is to have the desire to get back to it.  I know I want to get back to running so that's where it all starts again.  I remember trying to motivate others who lost their motivation to train parkour.  I remember mentioning that this is why parkour is a discipline - because you gotta keep pushing when you feel like giving up; that this was a mental part of parkour training. Now that I am faced by a similar situation from a different perspective, I ought to be able to get myself back on track.

What have I done about it?  When I feel like I need motivation, I go back to the things that started it all.  I watch videos, read testimonies, talk to passionate people, read articles and think.  I just read the blog of Ani de Leon, the first resident Filipino to qualify for and conquer Kona (the ultimate Ironman).  Reading this just sparked my dormant desire for the triathlon.  So long have I been eyeing the Ironman, maybe I won't get there, but the desire to train has returned.

So what now?  I'll get back to training! ...but after my ankle heals.  ^^ I haven't run in a month and two weeks ago, when I decided to run, I sprain my a basketball game. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as it could've been it didn't even swell.  But feeling the tear when it happened, I've decided to rest it.  Then last night, I twisted it twice again!! Last in another basketball game! STUPID!!! Now I'm really going to wait for it to heal or it's going to become chronic.

So is there a universal key to RE-motivating? The answer is yes - The WANT to RE-motivate yourself. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Aldwin. Thank you and it was definitely nice meeting you. Whatever you decide to do, yoi know I'm in your corner. Take care and have a good remainder of the week and year.

aLdZ said...

^_^ thanks sir Wayne.. My next plan is to climb Mt. Mariveles in Bataan.. Hopefully my ankle heals quickly to allow me to run distances again.. my current training is cycling.. :) have a great Christmas..

Anonymous said...

Hi Aldwin. Please have a great Christmas along with the family! I'll see you next year.